About Us

Slow and steady—at your post—advancing—wins the war.

At Storm the Culture we seek to know ourselves, our enemies, and these ethereal, earthly, and cyberized wars we fight. We are God’s warriors, striving to obey our Lord and Savior but welcoming all who value virtue and good character. We apply our military sensibilities and strategies in innumerable ways in the battle for our liberty. We celebrate every freedom enshrined in America’s founding and laud every American who embraces that rugged individualism that drives us to create and build, love and learn. America sets the example for individual independence through her traditions and culture. We are free, free to speak, to gather, to petition, to protest, to protect our way of life, our history, and our people. We are Americans because we choose to put Godliness and our Constitution above all differences.


Ethan Imaap has sought le bon mot, brotherly camaraderie, and God’s favor since childhood. Over the course of two decades as an editor and writer he’s covered commercial and recreational fishing in New England, life on Cape Cod, and how to discern good knives from bad while at a prestigious knife publication. Most recently, his efforts supported America’s strong hunting tradition while calling out its saboteurs.

He spent one year, 1991-’92, in the U.S. Army, mostly at Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Ga. His thin claim to valor consists of getting accepted at such a prestigious institution in the first place, not washing out, and never falling out of a road march—and he’s sticking to it! He looks up to all the knights and ladies he met along the way, continually reaching out to them as he shares his thoughts on the strategic and spiritual battle for America’s soul at American Free News Network.