God’s Road Map for Resisting Nefarious Technology

There is such a thing as justifiable anger. Anger can cloud thinking and prompt rash action—or it can be used to think and plan appropriate responses to what’s currently going on in our country and across the globe. This article originally appeared on American Free News Netword on June 20, 2021. By Ethan Imaap EverContinue reading “God’s Road Map for Resisting Nefarious Technology”

Was Odysseus Sentenced to the Wrong Level of Dante’s Hell?

Heroes are molded after brave Odysseus who leaves his young son, his loving wife and aged father, and even his faithful dog, to go fight a 10-year war, followed by a 10-year trek to get back home—in an age where there were no cell phones or rotations home. This article first appeared on First AmericanContinue reading “Was Odysseus Sentenced to the Wrong Level of Dante’s Hell?”

Where the Brave Go When There’s Nowhere Left to Go: Of Colonel Nick “Five Years to Freedom” Rowe

The Special Forces Intelligence Officer and the man eventually responsible for developing the U.S. Army’s SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) training program was one of only two men to escape the Viet Cong.