The Military Grace Notes of Winnie-The-Pooh

So, where did this Pooh-as-PTSD narrative begin? Apparently, a group of Canadian doctors, led by Sarah E. Shea, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in pediatric behavioral medicine, wrote a paper in the Dec. 12, 2000 edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal entitled “Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood: a neurodevelopmental perspective on A.A. Milne.”Continue reading “The Military Grace Notes of Winnie-The-Pooh”

Was Odysseus Sentenced to the Wrong Level of Dante’s Hell?

Heroes are molded after brave Odysseus who leaves his young son, his loving wife and aged father, and even his faithful dog, to go fight a 10-year war, followed by a 10-year trek to get back home—in an age where there were no cell phones or rotations home. This article first appeared on First AmericanContinue reading “Was Odysseus Sentenced to the Wrong Level of Dante’s Hell?”