7 Horrific Experiments U.S. Scientist Conducted on We the People

This article originally appeared on American Free News Network on Oct. 24, 2021.

The Stata Center at MIT was designed by architect Frank Gehry and is as askew as the scientists within, who are hard at work coming up with diabolical ways to experiment on you without your consent. (Unaltered image by Pablo Valerio/Wikimedia Commons)

By Ethan Imaap

Let’s review:

1. 1858: New York prison systems administer shower baths to unruly “negro” prisoners. What’s a shower bath, you ask. It’s essentially waterboarding, but in a seated position. Torturers of old apparently lacked the finesse of today’s torturers, not understanding how backing off was more detrimental to the victim because of the lingering fear. They just went full bore and killed people. Whipping fell out of favor as the go-to method of punishment because it left marks. Water leaves no marks. Can’t take pictures of yourself and prove you’ve been assaulted in a court of law.

2. 1932-1972: The U.S. Public Health Service conducts a study on African Americans in Tuskegee, Alabama, who are afflicted with syphilis. The agency promises free health care to the mostly illiterate participants and enlists the aide of an African American woman to act as liaison. Only it’s all a lie. No treatment is administered because the objective was to observe the effects of the disease left untreated. Most heinous, in 1947, when penicillin is proven as an effective cure, the information is deliberately withheld from the human guinea pigs—for 25 years. Over the course of the 40-year study, men die, spouses are infected, and children are born with syphilis.

3. 1944-1956: Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Radiation Laboratory (Rad Lab) design a radiation study using young boys from the Fernald State School in Waltham, Mass. The boys were developmentally challenged, or in the parlance of the day, “morons.” So, who really cares if MIT laces their Quaker Oats with radioactive milk for breakfast or gives them iron supplements spiked with radiation to the equivalency of 50 chest X-rays? Thank goodness for the Alliance for Human Research Protection in remembering these victims. You’ll also find a book there called “Against Their Will, The Secret History of Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America” by Allen Hornbloom, Judith Newman, and Gregory Dober 

4. 1945: The U.S. and U.S.S.R. governments, under Operation Paperclip, divvy up the Nazi scientists at the end of World War II. The Nazi scientists in Russia build a flying-saucer-like ship, manned by severely mutilated boys with enlarged heads and eye, and malnourished prepubescent bodies. The goal is to fly over the U.S. and crash land, which indeed happened—in Roswell, New Mexico—all to send the American public into panic. Meanwhile, U.S. Nazi scientists have been following suit ever since by conducting radiation experiments on animals and humans, detonating atomic weapons underground, and, by my best estimation, leading research in transhumanism and general artificial intelligence.

5. 1946-1958: The U.S. tests 67 nuclear weapons over the Marshall Islands, studying the fallout on humans and the environment. Needless to say, some atolls became environmentally uninhabitable, and the people were relocated—the people themselves having been exposed to massive amounts of radiation. Bill Clinton officially apologized to the people of the U.S.-administered territory when he was in office, but that couldn’t curtail the exorbitantly high rates of cancer among the Marshall Islanders. 

6. 1953-1973: The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency loses its collective soul and conducts mind-control experiments on unsuspecting soldiers and civilians with the aid of hallucinatory drugs, brainwashing, and psychological torture. If you want to have even a clue as to how terrifying Project MKUltra was, go watch the movie “Jacob’s Ladder” with Tim Robbins. It’ll give you nightmares, or at least a peek into how invasive and life-shattering such mind controls can be to individual sovereignty. Electroshock, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse, are only a smattering of tortures employed on American citizens. I guess we should say American subjects; we haven’t been citizens for since at least 1914.

7.  1955-1957: Scientists learned in 1943 that changes occurred to both the structure and function of the thyroid gland when animals were exposed to frigid temperatures. The Artic Aeromedical Laboratory at then Ladd Air Force Base (currently Fort Wainwright) near Fairbanks, conducted Iodine 131 experiments throughout the country, but in Alaska, natives were given extra doses, including pregnant women and children. Tests were conducted on blood, urine, and saliva. It was determined that thyroid function was not an issue in cold tolerance. Meanwhile, cancer rates rose among the indigenous populations from iodine, from radiation fallout from the atomic testing in the Pacific Islands, and from eating caribou that ingested contaminated lichen. The natives could not speak the language and had no idea what they were agreeing to. Again, community elders were tricked into paving the way for access to their people.

Phew! Thank goodness all those studies came to end, right? Well, they haven’t. They just morph, evolving with each new discovery, changing names to hide their nefarious objectives. You and I are merely test subjects in the name of scientific advancement. Currently, scientists do not need any invasive hardware to send messages to your brain. Fast, flickering images in old-school subliminal advertising is child’s play. I’m no scientist, nor do I play one on TV, and in fact, science is my least favorite subject, but even I can figure this out. Intelligence agencies, enemy nations, even possible good guys use photoaucustic messaging to speak directly to specific people. This scalable direct messaging uses radar, light absorption, and atmospheric H2O, and just like water, it doesn’t leave a mark, so nobody will believe you when you try to tell them what’s happening. You’ll just be “crazy,” and there’s little that’s scarier than the threat of institutionalization under the label of insanity.

On a lighter note, think “Minority Report” where direct advertising uses your name to call you out in the crowd and try to sell you something you actually need or want. On a not so light note, think “The Matrix” where you are born into slavery to make life better for machines, exactly what that entails is anyone’s guess, but battery packs for cyborgs isn’t really that far-fetched. I’m not sure why an implant is necessary when so much freedom-destroying invasion can be done without it, but Elon Musk is all over brain implants. Who needs an implant when you can just get the COVID vaccine with living self-aware tentacled organism inside? Turns out it’s just a parasite that causes binucleated cells—like in cancer. Whichever way you look at it, global forces want us buying stuff as quickly as we make money and ill so that we buy expensive health treatments for as long as possible and die early.

Who do we have to thank for all of this? One place to start is the venerable MIT, and what is now called the Lincoln Laboratory. Funny thing about the lab: It’s housed in the Ray and Mari Stata Center. For anyone who hasn’t been to Cambridge and seen the center, it was designed by Frank Gehry, born Goldberg, an architect whose creations are instantly recognizable. Elements on the inside are on the outside, there’s not a straight wall or right angle anywhere, and you either love them or hate them. Admirers say Gehry architecture is creative and smashes the boundaries of conventionality; detractors say his buildings are only for the uber wealthy because they are disproportionately expensive, don’t incorporate the climate or surrounding environs, and waste resources. In other words, a clear case of form not following function. To me, they are Salvador Dali in architecture, all askew, and visually incongruent. Inside this whacky building, whacky scientists are hard at work on their whacky New World Order. They have given up exposing children and the marginalized to radiation and are making humans transhuman so they can hurry on to post-humanism, in which the elite own everything and we’re “happy” because we have none of the cares of property ownership and are immersed in 24/7 entertainment. Hitler would be so proud of his scientists and their quest for a totalitarian society.

There’s only one solution. Every single one of us must speak up. We Are All Spartacus. What are they actually doing at the Lincoln Laboratory in the building that’s all askew? How do you make a transhuman? What is with all the disabled children who are taken from their parents care in Massachusetts? Like Justina Pelletier who has mitochondrial disease, which affects—wait for it—the production of energy at the cellular level. You can’t make this stuff up. It would make a great medical thriller if it weren’t so tragic. It’s long since time that “informed consent” actually meant something.

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